Painting & Lining


Need paint? We can help. Why let your railcar rust apart and lose years of life when all it requires is some paint to help. We use an ultra-sonic tester to determine the sheet thickness and evaluate whether it’s feasible to paint the car without apply new interior sheets. We sand blast the car to an SP10 on extreme rust areas to eliminate the rust and apply a smooth coat of any paint required.

Lining Car:

Our paint crew has a vast knowledge of paint and linings that will help protect your railcar from wear and tear. Whether is a new car going into salt industry or a used car we are able to line the car to help protect it from abrasive material.



  • 6,000 sq. ft. Blasting, Painting, and Coating Facility
  • Infrared Heating System
  • Lining Cure System
  • Exterior Paint
  • FDA Interior Lining
  • Tank Car Coating
  • Coatings Qualification
  • PD Car Lining
  • Covered Hopper Car Lining
  • Box Car Lining
  • Box Car Roof Sealants
  • Alkyd Paint System
  • Waterborne Paint System
  • Stenciling/Decal


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