Company Quality Policy Statement

It is the policy of “Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair” Facility that all repairs and practices be performed to comply with the rules and requirements set forth by the Association of American Railroads (AAR). This policy applies throughout all phases of upgrading and reconditioning work, and includes identification of all new, second hand and reconditioned material received from vendors which must be documenta as to AAR specifications from vendors having a Quality Assurance Program.

Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair Company is committed to Excellence. The policy of the Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair Company is, “We are committed to Safety and we are committed to meet our customers’ expectations. In this endeavor quality is the number one priority including and superseding production. Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair has adopted the following goals:

  • To provide 100% compliance to our customer product specifications.
  • To ship quality products resulting in zero (0) customer rejects.

Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair Company is committed to continuous improvements in all activities affecting Quality.

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