About Us

Rocky Mountain Railcar Repair (RMRR) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Utah Fabrication and was established in 2007 to repair, clean and paint railcars.

RMRR owns 5 spurs with over 6000 feet of repair track on the Utah Industrial Depot in Tooele next to Utah Fabrication our 44,000 sq. ft. steel fabrication shop. Our Tooele Rail Yard operates under approximately 31,000 sq. ft. of overhead crane with two x 300yd of track which allows for work to be easily done on railcars including blasting and coating of railcars. As for storage we have 3 miles of track available for unit train inspections and storage.

At Rocky Mountain Railcar and Repair we extensive experience in freight car repair. We specialize in food grade conversions, cleaning covered hoppers including PD cars, painting railcars, interior cleaning of non-hazardous material in tankers/hoppers , 286 upgrades, JIC’s rebuilds, derailments, unloading fully loaded cars. In a nut shell- just about anything!

Our certified carmen are capable of handling equipment and repairs on any style of railcar. Additionally we have a crew for mobile inspection and repairs when required. RMRR is certified to perform single-car test, Heavy Freight Car Repairs over and under 85 hours as well as Office Manual Rule 88.

As the only M1003 certified repair yard near the Union Pacific/Salt Lake City hub, the rail industry now has a repair facility that inspects, cleans, repairs, welds, blasts and paints railcars just outside Salt Lake City, Utah.